16-Bit Elixir is satirical game which focuses on overreaching technology, unhealthy coping strategies, and existential sadness.

Development To Do List (Summer 2017)

  • Text writes itself rather than just displaying- also add ending cursor (more like a computer)
  • Animate frog walk cycle
  • Sound effects for text
  • Sound effects for walking/jumping
  • Ambient tracks for background (Perhaps like Alphys Theme for the beginning) (I will never escape Undertale's influence)
  • Track for The Search for Meaning (countdown-esque)
  • Fade between some scenes
  • Change ending graphics to transition from 1-bit to full color 16-bit
  • Shorten existential dialogue after the search for meaning
  • Reduce slipperiness of blocks
  • Figure out why raining inner sadness mini-game randomly decides that you got hit sometimes but not other times
  • Add more types of sad blocks to rain down on you
  • Perhaps also update those to come out of a coded and timed spawner rather than falling out of the sky using gravity like a scrub
  • Change buttons so they highlight when hovered over but don't stay gray after being pressed
  • Multiple kinds of character sprites randomly determined
  • Make either a particle effect or a change in sprite occur after you have touched a task so you know that its been completed
StatusIn development
Made withUnity
Tags16-bit, 1-bit, 2D