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Scroll down if you want some instruction, or just play the game and get the full, blind experience.

Art + Story: Daniel Vincenz + Anna Edelman
Programming: Daniel Vincenz
Music: Hattie Knapp
Special Thanks: Julia Kerst, Sana Mirza, The Bushmans + Dimitrios Pavlounis

Minor Instruction:
Before playing, ensure you are clicked into the browser, and your keyboard is working. A main mechanic of the game involves figuring out how to move, so don't worry, nothing is broken.

(If you REALLY can't figure it out or get stuck, keep scrolling. Some of the experience may be lost, though.)

Full Instruction:
The controls will randomly switch between A, D, Space, Left, or Right. Occasionally, you will be stuck for 8-15 seconds regardless of input. This is to simulate both debilitating intrusive thoughts, and the anxiety of moving forward in life while facing problems caused by mental illness.


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BlueVer1.5.5(MAC) 16 MB
BlueVer1.5.5(LINUX).zip 15 MB
BlueVer1.5.5(WIN).zip 13 MB

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